Bobbin Blooms

A new and fun way to store your bobbin and thread together!

It’s easy, fits all standard size spools and looks great in any workspace.

The Shoemaker’s Son Has No Shoes

The original version of that is “The cobbler’s children go unshod.”  It means that the cobbler spends so much time looking after his customers’ needs that he has no time for his children’s.  Well, up till now, this inventor of Bobbin Blooms has had no Bobbin Blooms on her wall.  This is a picture of my spool rack as it looks today.  However, my next blog will, I HOPE, contain a picture of my “new and improved” spool rack, with its garden of color supplied by my Bobbin Blooms!  I’ve ordered 50 bobbins – I don’t have nearly that much thread – but I want a Bobbin Bloom for each spool of thread I’ve got.  I’m so excited!!!Bobbin Blooms Storage

Spring Rain

Grandkids sleeping.  Kitchen mess sort of cleaned up.  Me time!!!  So what do I do?  Head for the computer to check FB, email, and calendar.   There’s a wonderful book waiting for me in the other room, with Lemonheads by its side.  I hear it calling.  Bye-bye!  Oops  … too late!  I hear noises from the granddaughter’s room.  I’ll be really still and quiet and see if she’ll go back to sleep.  She really does need a much longer nap, you know!

I’m so excited about Bobbin Blooms!  A fun and easy way to store your bobbin and thread together.  Here’s how-it-works!

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